The Woodsmen Quartet

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Jim Hutson

Position: Lead singer

Family members: Wife (Mary), 4 sons (Robert, his wife Lindsey, their daughters Kaylynn and Molly and son Robert Jr.), Matthew  (Tommy), Alex and Matt.)

Birth Date: July 22, 1968

Hobbies: I love riding my motorcycle, spending time with my granddaughters, spending time with my wife Mary.

Favorite Singer: Man that is a long list. David Staton would be right up there but the best singer in the business is Bryan Hutson

Favorite Group: My favorite will always be the Kingsmen, long history with them. Gold City is right up there. There are lots of great groups out there.

Favorite foods: Fried Chicken, pork chops, pizza, you food...

Home Church: Parkside Baptist Church,

Pastor William E. Bailey

Hero: I have so many people I look up too, My brother Bryan, My Grandfather who has gone on to be with the Lord, but my hero would be my wife Mary, she is my rock, supports me in all things but at the same time will keep me humble, God led me to her so she would lead me to Him.

How long saved? 18 years

Testimony: I have been in church my whole life but never gave my heart and life to the Lord until 13 years ago. I am so glad God is the God of not only second, third and fourth chances, but he would use me, someone who does not deserve his love, his grace, his forgiveness.